The MS Five Dollar Project

Hello world!

What is five dollars?  Five dollars is just five ONE dollars or 20 quarters or 50 dimes.  When broken down like that it doesn’t seem like that much does it?  It’s dessert while eating out at one meal, and you don’t even have to give up dessert, just share with your partner or friend.  This way it’s even better for your waistline.  These days it’s one morning’s cup of coffee.  It’s 1/3 of one book you could rent from the library.  Make it a book on MS and get educated while your at it.  My point is one five dollar donation will not change most people’s live drastically.  If fact many might not even notice it at all.  To many people however it is HOPE.

The people these five dollars will make a huge difference to are  the people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and all of those around them.  It will provide money for support services and counseling; It will help with obtaining mobility aids; It will help people in emergency financial situations because they can no longer work due to this disease,  yet SSI will not approve their claim; Lastly it provides researchers the needed funds to continue to learn about this disease and how to treat it.  A cure being the ultimate goal.

Don’t get me wrong YOUR five dollars won’t do all of the above but your five dollars with someone else’s five dollars is coming closer.  Then you add a third, fourth,  fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, etc. person and you get the idea.  Let’s see what we can do when the masses come together for a common goal.  Then look and see what your five dollars have accomplished

Please make your five dollar donation to the Five Dollars at a Time fund which is operated by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and is a tax deductible donation.

Once you have done that PLEASE come back and leave a comment with your name and any story you might have about how Multiple Sclerosis has affected you.  Let’s see how long and diverse this comment list can get!!!!